NTS Defense

NTS Defense: Services

Our extensive Military Testing & Evaluation services include:

  • Extreme and Combined Environment Simulation and Military Testing
  • Hazard Classification, Transportation and Packaging Safety Testing
  • Ballistics Testing
  • Mechanical Stress, Strain and Functional Testing
  • Performance, Safety and Functional Testing
  • Qualification, First Article Testing (FAT) and Lot Acceptance Testing (LAT)
  • Quality Assurance Registration and Certification
  • Static and Dynamic Firings of Weapons and Ordnance
  • Armor testing for Military and Law Enforcement applications
  • Technical Staffing and Engineering Support
  • Test Program Management, Planning and Procedures
  • Defense-specific Testing & Certifications

In addition to the major NTS Defense service categories listed above we also provide many other related services, as well as various other types of customer-defined engineering projects covering a broad range of specialized services. Click here to see the full range of NTS service offerings for Testing and Certification, Certification and Integrated Solutions.