NTS Rustburg VA Test Facility

Rustburg, Virginia

3915 Sunnymeade
Rustburg, VA 24588
T: 434.846.0244 | F: 434.846.2197
Calvin Milam - General Manager
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Facility Highlights

  • Naval Sea Systems Command certified MIL-S-901D heavyweight and lightweight test facility
  • Floating shock platforms for test loads up to 125,000+ pounds
  • MIL-STD-167-1 vibration testing
  • Deck Simulating Shock Machine (DSSM)
  • Structural fabrication capabilities
  • Full spectrum of instrumentation and high-speed photography
  • Environmental Chamber (Temperature & Humidity Testing)
  • Structure Borne Noise Testing

In operation since 1985, NTS Rustburg is a full-spectrum test and research facility capable of managing your toughest environmental test requirements. Our engineers are experts in shock and vibration, with extensive ship-design experience coupled with years of experience in dynamic structural analysis.

NTS performs turnkey testing operations that includes pre-test analysis, comprehensive design and fabrication of equipment foundations, instrumentation design and installation, data analysis and report generation. NTS is uniquely qualified to guide clients through the Navy shipboard MIL-Standard requirements.

NTS design engineers can cost-effectively design shock and vibration test fixtures to meet your companies' unique technical requirements. NTS Rustburg consists of a MIL-S-901D Heavy Weight Shock Test facility  conveniently located within 15 minutes from machine shops, hardware stores, electrical suppliers, hotels and restaurants located in nearby Lynchburg, VA.

MIL-S-901D Heavy Weight Shock Test Facility

NTS Rustburg has the expertise to accurately monitor equipment response and performance during severe environmental testing. This one of a kind facility includes a 36-acre quarry for performing MIL-S-901D Heavyweight Shock Testing. The quarry is 1,800 feet long, 250 feet wide, up to 130 feet deep and serviced by a 75-ton stiff-legged derrick. 

Engineering Services

NTS Rustburg engineers have extensive ship-design and MIL-Aero knowledge and expertise coupled with years of experience in dynamic structural analysis using an array of finite element analytical tools, simulation and design. NTS can provide on-site design reviews to reduce the risk of potential problems before testing begins.

More Information

Click here to download the NTS Rustburg, VA fact sheet for more details on specifications, tests, and capabilities. Contact us today to discuss your next program!

Updated August 25, 2015