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Advanced Technology Services

Facility Highlights

  • Quality assurance testing services
  • Performance and benchmark results
  • Certification and compliance programs
  • Development tools - custom automation test and validation tools
  • Customized programming development tools

NTS Advanced Technology Testing provides a wide range of testing and compliance services, as well as managed services, to the high-tech industry, including computer software and hardware sectors. Originally formed in 1982 to serve the testing needs of the newly emerging computer industry, NTS Culver City expanded to cover not only existing technologies, such as computer hardware and software, but also smart grid/smart energy technologies, consumer electronics, and telecom devices as well. Today, NTS Advanced Technology Services also functions as NTS’ Research & Development facility, focusing on new and upcoming technologies and emerging standards. NTS runs numerous certification programs, including those for USB, ZigBee, MoCA, DIRECTV, Qi, nVoy, and Icontrol, among others.

A leader in the computer and consumer testing industries, NTS Advanced Technology provides high quality testing services which range from standard hardware and software testing to the development of complex certification and compliance programs for the telecom and other industries. With NTS’s large inventory of test equipment and highly skilled engineers, we can perform most any testing, including compatibility, functionality, interoperability testing, competitive analysis, performance testing, load/stress testing, usability analysis, test plan development, and system integration and certification.

High-Tech Certification Testing

NTS can provide the skills and equipment you need to make sure your product is ready for release. NTS can develop or assist in the development of test plans and methodologies, as well as setup and perform testing. Each test project is customized by NTS to meet the needs of our customer. During and at the completion of each test, NTS provides standard deliverables including complete reports of all test cases executed, anomaly reports for each defect, regression reports, final summary reports, and/or other reports based on the actual requirements or customer’s request. It’s our job to make sure that your product release is successful, and we are unparalleled in our ability to assist customers through the entire product lifecycle. NTS specializes in testing products for quality assurance and compliance. Our expert test personnel will exercise your hardware and/or software against the latest industry standards using state-of-the-art test equipment. With decades of experience and extensive hardware and software testing knowledge, NTS is the perfect out-sourced testing laboratory for all your testing needs.

Certification and Compliance Programs

NTS also works closely with various organizations to develop, manage, and run certification and/or compliance programs (including USB, WHQL/DTM/WHCK, ZigBee, Multimedia over Coax (MoCA), ISA100.11a, and Sirius XM). With the vast number of industry groups and specifications, it is important that your product function correctly per industry standards. And, if you’re a member of a new standards group, contact us to assist your group in the development of certification/ compliance programs. Certification is the best way to ensure a standard’s successful adoption.

NTS offers a wide array of compliance programs and related test services that not only provides you with expert quality assurance testing but also priced in a way to get you the most "bang for your buck."

Compliance and Certification Testing Highlights

  • USB Compliance Testing – Covering the entire spectrum of USB certi cations, including:
    • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Certi cation testing of devices & system/hub/host controllers
    • USB 2.0 High-speed, full/low-speed devices, silicon, and system/hub/host controllers
    • USB On-The-Go for high-speed and full-speed products
    • USB Embedded Host testing for high-speed and full-speed products
    • Wireless USB certification testing
  • ZigBee Certification – Covering all the ZigBee products and profiles, including:
    • ZigBee Platform (PHY, MAC & ZCP) and ZigBee Network Devices (Gateways, etc.)
    • Smart Energy Profile 1.X – 2.0 coming soon!
    • Home Automation Profile, Remote Control/RF4CE Profile, Health Care Profile
    • Building Automation Profile, Input Device Profile, Light Link Profile
    • Retail Services Profile, Telecom Services Profile, 3D Sync Profile
    • In addition, custom test harnesses to verify the various profiles – the same tools used by NTS for certification!
  • Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) certification testing for your home entertainment networking devices, including MoCA 2.0
  • DIRECTV certification testing, covering Hi-RF, Mid-RF & DECA
  • Sirius XM certification testing for all your satellite radios – only authorized lab
  • Wireless Compliance Institute ISA100 Wireless certification for industrial automation
  • nVoy Hybrid Networking certification testing - coming soon!
  • Microsoft WHQL/DTM/WHCK – Support for all product categories
  • Compliance/certification Program Development – Let NTS assist you in the development of a program to validate your standard/specification!

Certification and Compliance Programs

In addition to performing numerous certifications, NTS can also develop a certification or compliance program for your company or standards group. Take a look at the programs we currently offer for testing, and contact us for more information. Be sure to check back regularly as we are always adding new programs.

Quality Assurance Testing

  • Compatibility – Exercising software or hardware under an array of supported operating systems, additional software applications and supported hardware
  • Interoperability – Exercising hardware with a selection of hardware and software to confirm ”harmonious coexistence” of the products
  • Stress/Performance/Load/Scalability – Using either actual users or virtual users with tools such as LoadRunner,WebLoad, WinRunner, WebFT, TCL, Test Director, Visual Test and Open Source
  • Benchmarking – Using internal-developed or third-party benchmark tools
  • Competitive Analysis – Comparing client’s product with competitor’s product
  • Usability/Look-&-Feel – Provide end-user analysis with various user experience (i.e., novice, intermediate, expert, etc.)
  • Functionality – Exercising the various execution paths, either manually or through automated scripting tools such as WinRunner, Visual Test and WebFT
  • Website Testing – Functionality, Browser Compatibility, Load/Stress/Performance using automation tools such as LoadRunner or WebLoad
  • Security – Test to various security standards such as Common Criteria, ICSA, IEEE 802.1x, etc. using various third-party tools
  • Localization – Software compatibility and functionality test across 35 different languages, such as FIGS, CCJK, etc.
  • Custom Test Harness – Develop custom hardware and software tools in order to perform repeatable, automated testing on standards or specifications. Custom harnesses include ones developed for the ZigBee certification program.
  • Automated Test Scripting – Develop automated scripts using various test tools, LoadRunner,WebLoad, WinRunner,WebFT, TCL Test Director, Visual Test, Open Source, C, C++, Delphi, Visual Studio and Visual Basic
  • Test Plan/Test Case Development – Develop customized test plan/test case based on client’s specification and/or product documentation

OnSite Testing

Sometimes you just need a couple test engineers onsite at your location. We provide test engineers for specific, discrete projects. These may be one-offs or long term, and may be in any of the various areas that we provided skilled testing, certification or development services for.

Say you want to perform USB certification testing of a printer, but your industrial printer weighs a whopping 5 tons. Doesn’t make sense financially to ship that monster to us to perform testing – the shipping alone would break the bank. Let us provide experienced and authorized USB test engineers to come to your location. We can use your test equipment (if you have it) or if necessary bring our own. Obviously, we’re not sending out a test engineer to test a keyboard, but if you’ve a need to have someone onsite, we can accommodate your request.

Or you could have a highly anticipated, new product and your security is so high, you just can’t take it out of your facility to our lab. Let us help you out. We can bring the engineers needed to your location to help you with your project. All of our test engineers go through extensive background checks prior to hiring and randomly throughout employment.

Laboratory Accreditation

Organization: A2LA American Association for Laboratory Accreditation

Description: Electrical Testing in the fields of: ZigBee Conformance and USB Interoperability.

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More Information

Click here to download the NTS fact sheet for more details on specifications, tests, and capabilities. Contact us today to discuss your next program!

Updated April 17, 2017