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Fullerton, California

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Fullerton, CA 92831
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EMC, Environmental, Dynamics, and Mechanical Testing

Facility Highlights

  • Verizon ITL Approved (NEBS)
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Environmental / Dynamics Testing
  • EMI/EMC Testing
  • HIRF Testing with Mode Tuned Chamber
  • MIL-S-461 Testing
  • RTCA/DO-160 Testing
  • Customer Service - Your One Stop Shop for All Testing

NTS Fullerton is part of the largest worldwide network of independent testing laboratories providing expert engineering and testing services to a wide range of industries in both the commercial and military sectors.

Our technicians and engineers are recognized experts in the performance of a wide array of Environmental, EMI/EMC, Mechanical, Dynamics, Product Safety testing and Program Management. Our technicians exhibit a “can do” attitude and provide solutions to our clients’ toughest challenges.

NTS Fullerton has assets that surpass our competition with an equipment base that has continued to grow over the past forty years. With a number of employees having well over twenty years experience in compliance we are able to meet deadlines that others cannot. We are comprised of personnel with proven track records in their subject matter over a vast number of years. We have built effective and efficient teams ready to respond quickly to all of our client’s needs.

Verizon ITL Approved (NEBS)

Approved for any of your telecommunication testing needs with the ability to perform numerous GR standards and primary carrier supplemental requirements. Equipment supported includes:

  • Multiple rack systems
  • Shelf level products
  • Indoor and outdoor equipment

Environmental and Dynamics

Numerous environmental tesitng chambers and dynamic testing equipment onsite ranging from a 40’ Drop Tower, Electrodynamic Shakers and a T-4000.

EMC, HIRF and Electrical

NTS Fullerton offers extensive capabilities and experience for conducting EMC  and EMI testng, HIRF testing, Lightning Testing and other Electrical testing to military, aerospace, ITE, telecommunications and various other industry specifications.

Radiated susceptibility capabiliteies include up to 7200 V/m to 18GHz and 200 V/m to 40GHz. Lightning transients testing includes multiple-burst, multiple-stroke and pin injection up to level 5 of RTCA/DO-160. We are in the process of expanding our reverberation chamber to better meet our customers HIRF testing needs.

Capabilities include:

  • HIRF up to 3000V/m
  • Mode stirred, Mode tuned testing
  • PIND Lightning effects
  • 40GHz RF immunity
  • Multiple-burst
  • Multiple-stroke

Mechanical Testing

NTS Fullerton’s years of experience in designing and performance combined with a new Mechanical building with independent test stations makes it a step above the rest. Capabilities include

  • Tensile Fatigue
  • Flexural
  • Inclination
  • Hydraulic Fuel
  • Fire Resistance
  • Fire Spread and Needleflame

Customer Service

LabInsight ready to support virtual witnessing with ease. However, if you do need to come into the facility you will benefit from our newly remodeled and upgraded Customer Lounge.

One Stop Shop for All Testing

Wide range of testing capabilities in Product Safety, Materials, Electrical, USB Testing and Fiber Optic testing.