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NTS Europe: Munich, Germany

Hofmannstr. 50, 81379 Munich, Germany
T: +49.89.787475.160 | F: 49.89.780.78244
Deniz Ezgi - Regional Sales Manager
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Facility Highlights

  • Verizon Approved ITL for NEBS requirements GR 63, GR 1089, GR 487 covering EMC, safety, climatic, and mechanical tests as well as rules for grounding.
  • Telecom/Broadband testing including Component Testing, Connector Testing, SONET GR-253 Compliance, Cable Modem/CMTS Compliance, VoIP/ATM and H.323, DSL Product Testing, and SS7 signaling
  • EMC/EMI & Product Safety Testing covering ESD Emissions and Immunity, EMC Low Voltage and medical devices, FCC Parts 15 & 68, CTR and TS, CE Mark and UL 60950.
  • Environmental testing includes temperature, humidity, altitude, fire resistance, mixed flow gas (air contaminants), earthquake, vibration, shock, acoustic noise and illumination.

NTS is ideally positioned to assist our European clients with their telecommunications testing and international certification needs. NTS is a Verizon authorized Independent Test Lab (ITL) (see www.verizonnebs.com) and is able to serve all customer's needs for US RBOC (Regional Bell Operating Companies) qualifications including Verizon, ATT and Quest.

NTS is the only authorized US ITL able to provide global qualification, knowhow, and consultany for Central Office Telecom products in Europe under one roof, close to your development and manufacturing operations.

No More Double Testing

Most European manufacturers perform ETSI testing for the European market at a local test lab near their R&D facilities. Then the products are usually sent to the US accompanied by expert technical staff to perform NEBS testing at an accredited US ITL test lab. Since ETSI and NEBS are largely identical this means that most tests are performed twice at a high cost to the manufacturer.

NTS European Global Qualification Solutions allow European manufacturers of Central Office Equipment to perform all global testing in one sweep in Europe at a dramatic cost saving to the customer. With these services available at our Munich lab, manufacturers no longer need to send products and technical resources to the US for testing.

The qualification process can be carried out locally, thus lowering overall costs of product qualification and shortening the time to market for manufacturers based in Europe & Israel.

More Information

Click here to download the NTS Europe fact sheet for more details on specifications, tests, and capabilities. Contact us today to discuss your next program!

Updated December 8, 2014