Tempe, AZ

Tempe, AZ

    Environmental Testing, Dynamic Testing and EMI / EMC Testing at NTS Tempe

    NTS tempe testing lab

    Part of the largest worldwide network of independent testing laboratories, NTS Tempe provides expert engineering and testing services to client partners in both commercial and military sectors.

    We can cover your projects from start to finish; beginning with a simple qualification test of a new product, to the efficient management of your entire laboratory. Our extensive knowledge of test and conformity requirements, both domestic and international, can help you assess your product and define the proper requirements for your test program to achieve maximum customer acceptance. Our capabilities include more than 20 different chambers, shakers, and drop tower test platforms.

    As Arizona’s most robust EMI/EMC, pneumatics, dynamics and environmental testing facility for both commercial and defense customers, we have the expertise to accurately monitor equipment response and performance during the most severe test environments. In addition, our technicians and engineers are recognized authorities in the performance of a wide array of environmental simulations.

    Dynamics: Vibration, Shock, SRS, Acceleration

    To ensure your products can withstand the extended forces caused by random vibrations — as well as intense short-term forces from shocks, drops and accelerations — there is no substitute for comprehensive dynamics testing. Based on our more than 50 years of service testing a wide range of mission-critical products, even our pyrotechnic shock tests backed by detailed shock response spectra — or SRS — are world renowned for their timeliness and accuracy.

    Our wide selection of dynamics, vibration, shock and acceleration testing includes the following services:

    • Electrodynamic and mechanical shaker systems: Up to 1″ displacement; 1,200 to 20,000 force pounds; 5 Hz to 3000 Hz.
    • Up to 16 channels of data acquisition and analysis capability, including a Spectral Dynamics Jaguar control/analysis system.
    • Static / dynamic load.
    • Acceleration: 57, 36 and 11-inch radius; up to 1,200 Gs; up to 40 slip-rings.
    • Drop towers: Up to 40-foot drop and package drop capability.

    Primary specifications for dynamic testing include: MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 202, RTCA DO160, ASTA, ASTM, UL 50, ETSI 300-019-xx and IEC 60068-2-xx.

    Climatic/Environmental: Temperature, Humidity, Altitude, Combined Environments

    For clients ranging from commercial manufacturers to defense contractors, we regularly provide manufacturers with the climatic and environmental test results they need to ensure their products will perform to expectations and required standards once they’re in use in their respective environments. Whether it’s simulating the drastic thermal changes that a satellite’s component will face or the decompression of a piece of avionics equipment, our environmental testing capabilities can aptly test a wide range of products — even those that will eventually see use in the most extreme situations.

    Our climatic/environmental testing capabilities include the following services:

    nts tempe environmental testing lab
    Liquid to Liquid Thermal Shock Testing

    Primary specifications for environmental testing include: MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 202, RTCA DO160, ASTA, ASTM, NEMA, GR 63-CORE, GR 487-CORE, GR 13-CORE, UL 50, ETSI 300-019-xx and IEC 60068-2-xx.

    Space Simulation/Thermal Vacuum

    Blowing Sand, Blowing Dust, Rain, Wind, Solar Radiation

    To thoroughly test outdoor equipment against some of nature’s greatest challenges, we offer a full range of testing services, including blowing sand and dust, rain, wind and solar radiation.

    Some specialized environmental testing highlights include:

    • Solar radiation: three chambers and a test area of up to 20 square feet
    • Salt fog chambers: Wind-driven rain up to 40mph and blowing sand/dust

    EMI/EMC Testing Including Emissions, Susceptibility and High Power RF

    At NTS Tempe, we offer world-class electromagnetic interference — or EMI — and electromagnetic compatibility — or EMC — testing services so your time from design to market is as efficient as possible. In addition, we offer EMI/EMC testing services to help our clients’ products meet a broad range of industry standards — from FCC to MIL-STD regulations.

    Fully backed by our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, our EMI/EMC services include the following:

    nts tempe emi/emc testing lab
    Reverberation Chamber
    • Servicing the Defense, Aerospace, and Space Industries
    • Radiated Susceptibility ~ 200 V/m, frequency range 10 kHz to 40 GHz,
    • HIRF Testing 100 MHz – to 1o 18 GHz up to 7200 V/m pk
    • Radiated Emissions ~ 30 Hz to 40 GHz
    • MIL/AERO Semi-anechoic chambers
    • Reverberation chamber 200 MHz to 18 GHz,
    • Extended ground plane test beds
    • Indirect Lightning-Single stroke, multiple stroke, multiple burst, Level 5 DO-160
    • AC & Telecom port surge, Electrical Fast Transients, Ring-wave, and bust testing
    • Electrical power characteristics testing
    • Airborne acoustic noise and structure-borne noise
    • Antenna characterization
    • Shielding effectiveness, transfer impedance
    • Electrostatic discharge up to 30 kV
    • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to 50 kV/m
    • HERO
    • RADHAZ analysis

    Primary specifications for EMI / EMC testing are RTCA/DO-160 and MIL-STD-461.


    Our fluids resistance testing services include the following capabilities:

    • Proof pressure: hydrostatic pressure to 40,000 psig; pneumatic pressure to 6,000 psig; Leak testing
    • Primary specifications for fluids testing include MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-202

    Thriving on Partnerships

    NTS Tempe partners with the Artesyn Embedded Technologies commercial EMC laboratory in Tempe, AZ. Along with local EMC services, the lab can support local overflow environmental/reliability and product safety NRTL services as needed. Artesyn Embedded Technologies is part of the NTS Verizon NEBS Program, which addresses the majority of GR1089. Commercial EMC testing services cover domestic US (FCC) and international Canada (ICES), European Union (CE), Japan (VCCI), Australia (c-Tick/RCM) and Korean (KC) EMC requirements.

    For more information, Request a Quote to see how we can test your project to all requirements efficiently, cost effectively and expeditiously.

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