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NTS Rockford, IL Test Lab

A Full-Service EMI/EMC and Environmental Testing Facility

NTS Rockford offers comprehensive EMI/EMC testing and program management for complex military, aerospace, commercial electronic, telecommunication and medical clients. Spanning over 83,000 square feet on a five-acre lot, this is one of the most modern facilities in the world. The laboratory is staffed by test engineers with years of experience and the most up-to-date training to handle all your testing needs. The combination of experience and high-end test systems gives NTS Rockford the strength and scale to bring your military, aerospace, commercial electronic, telecommunication or medical products to market with speed and efficiency.

Unique Capabilities


Our Rockford operation is accredited for DO-160 radiated susceptibility testing both in-house and at your facilities. Packed in custom cases for easy transport, our state-of-the art equipment achieves category G pulse modulation levels from 400 MHz to 18 GHz.

Power Systems

We are fully equipped for testing power systems, producing up to 300 kVA and more. Seven chambers (including a 10-meter and reverberation chamber) are configured with drive stand ports and load rooms. Two 500 HP drive stands and one 150 HP drive stand are available on-site. Each drive is four-quadrant capable, allowing for both generator set and motor testing. Drives can be transferred between chambers to provide the best possible match between facility capability and test article configuration.


NTS Rockford is accredited for DO-160 lightning-induced transient susceptibility testing, in-house and at client facilities. Our easily transportable rack-mounted equipment achieves level 5 for pin injection and cable injection testing, multiple stroke and multiple burst.


Our recently-added second reverberation chamber with a state-of-the-art amplifier achieves greater than DO-160 Category L levels from 100 MHz to 18 GHz. Test frequencies as high as 40 GHz are now possible at NTS Rockford! This 12 foot x 20 foot x 10 foot chamber has a test volume of more than 438 cubic feet (12.42 cubic meters) and a 4 foot x 7 foot door. For more information, click here.

EMI, EMC, ESD Testing Services

We perform EMI, EMC, and ESD testing for a wide variety of industries, including military and aerospace capabilities that cover RS 103, 200 V/m, 10 kHz to 40 GHz, as well as indirect lightning effects and multiple burst/multiple stroke lightning up to Level 5 of DO-160, Airbus, and Boeing. NTS Rockford provides complete certification for information technology, industrial, and for commercial electronic products to global EMC regulatory standards.

EMI/EMC/ESD Test Capability Highlights

  • Radiated Susceptibility exceeding 200 V/m, frequency range 10 kHz to 40 GHz for defense test programs
  • Radiated Emissions
  • Conducted Susceptibility
  • Conducted Emissions
  • Power Quality
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Lightning including multiple burst, multiple stroke, indirect effects, Level 5 capabilities (meets Boeing and Airbus requirements)
    • Indirect effects lightning including multiple burst, multiple stroke, and pin injection to Level 5
  • DO-160 indirect lightning in-facility or mobile on-site at customer facility
  • HIRF category G capabilities in-facility or mobile on-site at customer facility
  • Three ground plane test locations
  • Absorber lined semi-anechoic rooms
  • Twelve EMI test chambers
    • Seven semi-anechoic chambers (four 26′ x 36′ x 18′, interconnected in pairs)
    • 10-meter chamber with 3-meter turn table and 10 foot door, 26 MHz to 40 GHz, suitable for most international emissions and susceptibility standards such as CISPR, IEC, VCCA, ANSI, FCC, SAE and more.
    • Suited for heavy vehicles up to 80,000 lbs.
    • Pre-qualification chamber with 1 meter turntable
  • 50 cubic meter test volume reverberation chamber, two shielded rooms
  • Two 500 HP 4 quadrant drives for motor/generator testing
  • One 150 HP 4 quadrant drive motor/generator testing
  • AC power to 480 VAC and DC power to 600 VDC, 400 kW
  • Four 75kVA, 115V, 400 Hz +/- 20 Hz motor generators

Dynamic Testing Services

This facility has several electrodynamic shaker systems capable of testing all forms of vibration, including Sine-on-Random, Classical, and Pyrotechnic Shock. Clients can take advantage of on-site instrumentation, data acquisition and spectral analysis. And a full-time dynamics engineer is on staff for diagnostics and root cause failure analysis for test and design optimization.

Dynamics Testing Highlights

  • Three T1000 Unholtz-Dickie shakers rated at 15,000 force pounds. All three shakers are positioned to provide room for auxiliary equipment that may be required during the vibration testing
  • One 8 foot diameter, 300 rpm centrifuge for acceleration testing
  • One drop shock machine capable of producing high G levels with digital waveform capture for post-test analysis

Environmental Testing Services

Our environmental chambers range from small to walk-in-sized, and are capable of replicating high and low temperatures, humidity and altitude conditions. We also offer salt-fog and SO2 test capabilities, as well as vacuum and thermal shock. Under the supervision of our experienced climatic technician staff, nearly any climatic situation can be produced to test a product’s integrity.

Environmental Testing Highlights

  • Temperature, Humidity testing on rotating equipment
    • 300 HP drive, up to 20,000 RPM
    • Stop, start, endurance, and acceleration, deceleration testing
  • 4′ diameter x 12′ altitude chamber
    • 100,000 foot capability
  • 4′ diameter x 6′ altitude chamber
    • 200,000 foot capability
    • Equipped with liquid nitrogen cold plate and shroud
  • Rapid decompression
  • Simulated space altitude with temperature
  • Walk-in temperature/humidity chamber
    • 8′ x 9′ x 10′, 40°C to 90°C, up to 10°C/minute ramp rate, 0 to over 90°C RH
  • 4′ x 4′ x 4′ temperature/humidity/altitude chamber
  • Several 4′ x 4′ thermal chambers, humidity available
  • Thermal shock
  • Salt fog
  • Shipboard voltages available

More Information

Click here to download the NTS Rockford fact sheet for more details on specifications, tests, and capabilities. Contact us today to discuss your next program!

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