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Extreme Environmental and Dynamic Testing in the Bay Area

Among NTS’s 28 laboratories is 30,000 square foot test climatic, environmental, and dynamics test facility in Newark, CA. The lab houses a wide range of highly advanced testing equipment and services, including shock and vibration testing, thermal stress, and extreme environment simulation. The lab supports virtually every industry, including aerospace, defense, telecom, medical, automotive, industrial, and more.

A Higher Standard for Environmental Simulations

Engineers at NTS can simulate any environmental condition imaginable. At the Newark lab, key environmental services and capabilities include the following:

The lab tests to a wide range of standards, including MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-202, RTCA DO 160, ISTA, ASTM, NEMA, GR 12-CORE, GR 49-CORE, GR 63-CORE, GR 487-CORE, GR 937-CORE, GR 3115-CORE, UL 50, UL 94, ETSI 300-019-xx, and IEC 60068-2-xx. Please contact us today to get the full list of standards to which NTS tests.

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Robust Dynamics Capabilities in Newark

NTS is the global leader in providing robust dynamics testing. Common dynamics testing at the lab can range from acceleration and vibration testing to fatigue, shock, drop tests, and more. Key highlights at the Newark lab include:

  • Electrodynamic Shaker Systems: Up to 2″ Stroke, 9000 – 18,000 Force Pounds, 5Hz – 2,000Hz, Mechanical Shock
  • Seismic System: 10.5″ stroke, 15,000 force pounds, 0.6Hz-500Hz
  • Seismic Testing to GR 63-CORE Zones 1-4
  • Up to 19 Channels Response, Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Static and Dynamic Loads
  • Sustained Acceleration Testing Up to 37Gs and a 36″ Radius

Regardless of your dynamic testing needs, NTS can support it. Click on the button below to learn more about the full scope of NTS’s dynamic testing services.

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NTS’s Silicon Valley Expertise in EMI/EMC, Wireless, and More

In Silicon Valley, NTS customers get access to more than environmental and dynamics testing—they get best-in-class testing for the following:

  • Wireless Certification
  • Product Safety
  • Verizon ITL for NEBS
  • International Approvals

Call us today at (800) 270-2516—and discover how you can get all the testing you need from a laboratory in the in the local area.

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