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NTS Fremont — Leading EMC/Wireless and Environmental Testing

EMC and environmental testing lab in fremont, california

As a part of the National Technical Systems family, NTS Silicon Valley is a world-class product compliance and regulatory laboratory providing a full range of services including Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC, Product Safety, Wireless/Radio, Wired Telecom, Environmental testing, and International Approvals.

As the Bay Area’s world-class product compliance and regulatory laboratory, we enable our clients to save time and money by achieving their compliance requirements quickly and efficiently, enabling them to bring products to the worldwide market without costly delays. From pre-compliance testing to international approvals management, NTS Silicon Valley is the “one-stop shop” for your compliance and regulatory needs.

NTS Silicon Valley is outfitted with state-of-the-art testing equipment that offers our clients a variety of services including: Thermal Stress and Extreme Environment Simulation, Shock and Vibration testing, and EMC/Wireless testing.

With the wide spectrum of services that are available at NTS Silicon Valley, we are able to accommodate a number of different industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Telecom, Medical and Consumer Electronics.

EMC / EMI Including 5 and 10 Meter Chambers

NTS Silicon Valley is a world-class product compliance and regulatory laboratory providing a full range of services, including:

Let us save you time and money by helping you meet compliance requirements quickly and efficiently; so you bring your products to global markets without delays. From pre-compliance testing to international approvals management, NTS Silicon Valley is your sole source for all compliance and regulatory needs.

This facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art testing equipment that covers Thermal Stress and Extreme Environment Simulation, Shock and Vibration testing and EMC / Wireless testing in the Bay Area.

With such a wide spectrum of services, we can accommodate your needs … whether you’re competing in aerospace, defense, telecom, medical or consumer electronics.

EMC / EMI Testing in Silicon Valley

An integral component of the NTS nationwide network for EMI / EMC laboratories, Silicon Valley includes our 27,000 square foot testing center in Fremont. This facility boasts one 10-meter and three 5-meter anechoic chambers and a full suite of immunity labs, work areas, equipment storage lockers and supporting facilities.

Automotive EMC Testing in the Bay Area

Today’s vehicles are more reliant on electronic components and assemblies than ever before. That’s why we’re proud to offer vehicle manufacturers, OEM parts makers and related businesses — such as defense and commercial contractors — our full line of automotive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing services. Now, to gain access into certain markets, like America and Europe, and/or to comply with particular standards — like e-Mark and SAE — you can rely on our longstanding engineering expertise to thoroughly test your electronic assemblies that are intended for vehicles.

From testing an electric motor in the latest EV to testing an onboard computer on an SUV’s infotainment assembly, we can conduct the kind of robust EMC testing that helps you meet your production schedules. As a result, your customers can rely on your products to operate free of electromagnetic problems or interference. We’re experienced at supplying customers with precisely the right scale and type of automotive EMC testing that their project requires — from whole vehicle testing to individualized testing of sub-assemblies.

In addition, due to our extensive experience with military and aerospace testing, our automotive EMC testing services in the Bay Area are ready to meet the most stringent requirements of commercial and civilian capacity, as well as standards related to military and industrial vehicles.

Whether you need whole vehicle EMC testing for the latest hybrid four-door family car or you’re looking to test ABS brake assemblies intended for the newest military personnel carriers, you can trust our team at NTS to supply you with the qualified test results you need in the most timely and professional manner possible.

EMC / EMI Testing Highlights and Primary Test Specifications

  • Servicing the Consumer Electronics, Medical, Wireless, Telecom, and Automotive Industries
  • Approvals held for ITE, Telecom, Radio, Medical, Test and Measurement, Audio/Video and Consumer Electronics product types
  • Radiated Susceptibility ~ 100 V/m, frequency range 10 kHz to 18 GHz,
  • HIRF Testing 100 MHz – to 1o 18 GHz up to 7200 V/m pk
  • Radiated Emissions ~ 30 Hz to 40 GHz
  • 10 meter Semi-anechoic chamber
  • 5 meter Semi-anechoic chambers
  • 3 meter Semi-anechoic chambers
  • Extended ground plane test beds
  • AC & Telecom port surge, Electrical Fast Transients, Ring-wave, and bust testing
  • Electrical power characteristics testing
  • Airborne acoustic noise and structure-borne noise
  • Antenna characterization
  • Shielding effectiveness, transfer impedance
  • Electrostatic discharge up to 30 kV
  • 24 hour testing capabilities for high throughput
  • International Certification services to help manufacturers acquire product approvals

Product Safety Testing Services in the Bay Area

  • Strategic relationships with UL, TUV, CSA.
  • In-house product safety lab for agency-witnessed testing programs
  • Preliminary construction review and testing services.
  • Ability to issue CE certification reports.
  • Approvals held for ITE, test and measurement, audio/video, radio, telecom, consumer electronics and certain medical device types.

Verizon ITL for NEBS Testing

Need NEBS testing? We’ve got you covered through our network of Verizon-certified labs.

At NTS Fremont, we provide program management and engineering services to help our clients comply with even the most demanding NEBS standards. This helps reduce instances of non-compliance during the development of a product and helps minimize any delays in getting it to market. We offer the following NEBS testing services:

  • Network of Verizon-certified independent test labs
  • Full range of NEBS testing capabilities in one convenient location
  • Alignment of all NEBS test reports with RBOC requirements
  • Telecordia Telecom Related GR-XX-CORE testing

NTS provides large-scale engineering services and program management to help you understand and comply with stringent NEBS standards.

Wireless Certification and Testing Including Over-the-Air (OTA) Testing

From Bluetooth® to Wireless USB to ZigBee to RFID and all the various 802.11 standards including UltrawideBand (802.15) and WiMax (802.16) products, NTS has seen it all. We operate an FCC-certified Telecommunications Certification Body to expedite your formal grant of approval and get your product to market on schedule.

We are also one of the few labs that currently provides Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) testing services to manufacturers of 802.11(a/n) devices and other wireless technologies that operate in the 5GHz range. Wireless services include radio requirements, DFS testing and certifications for North America via our in house TCB. And for the European Union, NTS can issue Notified Body Opinions specific to the R&TTE Directive and the Radio Equipment Directive, RED.

Our wireless testing and certification services encompass:

  • RF regulatory testing.
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) testing.
  • FCC Telecommunications Certification Body.
  • Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee and other wireless capabilities.
  • Approvals held for a wide range of domestic/international wireless testing standards.

Additionally, NTS Silicon Valley executes Over-the-Air Antenna Testing in our state-of-the-art OTA chamber. As many IoT and M2M devices become increasingly more compact, antennas are sometimes forced to be placed near other antennas, displays, computer processors or high-speed memory — all of which can interfere and degrade a device’s OTA performance.

In addition to power measurements, OTA testing can perform sensitivity measurements to illustrate how internal components are affecting RF radio performance. This allows product developers to see where the issues are during normal operation and how they are impacting the product’s performance.

Environmental Testing Including Temperature and Humidity

Our 30,000 square foot testing center in Newark, CA is a Climatic, Environmental and Dynamics Product Testing Laboratory. Click here to see the full specifications and capabilities of this facility.

Robust Dynamics Capabilities in Fremont

Ensure that your product is ready for mass production with our full line of dynamics testing services. Whether it’s testing materials for fatigue and corrosion or putting components through HALT/HASS accelerated stress tests, after dynamics testing, your products are far more prepared to go to market successfully once you’ve had the chance to make any needed modifications to their design and/or manufacture. That is why we have one of the most comprehensive arrays of dynamics testing services you can find on offer anywhere.

International Certification Services in Fremont

On top of our services for U.S. and Canadian approvals for both licensed and unlicensed radio products, we help clients secure regulatory approval for their wireless products that are intended for markets in Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan and South America, as well as across the European Union. Avoid getting bogged down by complex international certification requirements. We can help you navigate the process successfully!

10 Microphone Acoustic Testing Array

NTS Silicon Valley recently upgraded our acoustic noise data acquisition system from a single microphone to a 10 microphone array. This setup can capture multiple sound pressure measurements or an entire sound power field instantaneously. You can test different product configurations during a single day-long test session, which can expedite troubleshooting and time to market.

Need more information? You can download the NTS Silicon Valley fact sheet for full details on specifications, tests and capabilities. Or Request a Quote to discuss your next program.


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