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NTS Boxborough: New England’s Most Extensive Test Lab Offering EMI, Environmental, Dynamics Testing and More

NTS Boxborough, a New England HALT, Environmental, and Dynamics Test Lab

NTS Boxborough is a full service engineering and testing facility, capable of managing your most complex programs. With the addition of two new buildings, a state-of-the-art 10-meter anechoic chamber and our new reverberation chamber, NTS Boxborough has tripled in size and capacity.

In addition to a full range of environmental testing services, we offer hydraulics, FAA Fire and electro-dynamic shaker system testing at our New England lab. When it comes to ensuring your product is ready to meet the many challenges it will face in its operational use, NTS Boxborough is the comprehensive testing lab you want to consult first.

EMC/EMI Testing in Boxborough

NTS Boxborough, part of the NTS nation-wide network of EMI/EMC laboratories, provides EMC/EMI/ESD capabilities with expertise in testing to military, aerospace, telecommunications, electronics, nuclear, and other global industry specifications. Military and aerospace capabilities include immunity testing up to 200 V/m from 10kHz to 40GHz, as well as Electrical Power Characteristics testing for ground, aircraft, shipboard, and submarine applications.

NTS has recently installed a copper lined reverberation chamber coupled with state-of-the-art amplifiers capable of meeting DO-160 Category L levels from 100 MHz to 18 GHz. Additional capabilities include lightning simulation indirect effects, and ESD up to 30kV.

Military and aerospace capabilities include immunity testing up to 200v/m from 10kHz to 40GHz and electrical power characteristics testing for ground, aircraft, shipboard and submarine.

EMI / EMC / ESD Testing Highlights

  • Servicing the Defense, Aerospace, Space, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Telecom, and Automotive Industries
  • Radiated Susceptibility ~ 200 V/m, frequency range 10 kHz to 40 GHz,
  • HIRF Testing 100 MHz – to 1o 18 GHz up to 7200 V/m pk
  • Radiated Emissions ~ 30 Hz to 40 GHz
  • Two 3 meter semi-anechoic chambers
  • 10 meter semi-anechoic chamber
    • 10’ door, 12,000lb capacity turn table,
    • High temperature vehicle exhaust system
  • Four MIL/AERO semi-anechoic chambers
  • Reverberation chamber, 100 MHz to 18 GHz, extended to 40 GHz
  • Extended ground plane test beds
  • Indirect Lightning-Single stroke, multiple stroke, multiple burst, Level 5 DO-160
  • AC & Telecom port surge, Electrical Fast Transients, Ring-wave, and bust testing
  • Electrical power characteristics testing for Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, and Telecom
  • Airborne acoustic noise and structure-borne noise
  • Antenna characterization
  • Shielding effectiveness, transfer impedance
  • Electrostatic discharge up to 30 kV
  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to 50 kV/m
  • HERO
  • RADHAZ analysis
  • AC Power fault

Primary Specifications: MIL-STD 461/462, RTCA DO 160, Boeing D6-36440, Boeing D6-44588, Boeing D6-16050, MIL-STD 704A, MIL-STD 1275, IEEE C37.90.1, IEEE C37.90.2, IEEE 1613 GR 1089-CORE, GR 57-CORE, GR 487-CORE, FCC part 15, FCC part 18 EN 61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN 300386, EN55024, EN 55022, EN 55011, EN 61000-4-xx, EN 61000-3-xx, K20, K21. MIL-STD 704, MIL-STD 1399 section 300A, MIL-STD 740-1

Verizon ITL Approved NEBS Test Lab

NTS certifies telecommunications products to NEBS as well as international standards. We provide complete certification of information technology, industrial and other commercial electronic products as well as global EMC and product safety regulatory standards.

Verizon ITL Testing Capabilities

In addition, our NTS Boxborough lab is one of several NTS facilities to hold Verizon ITL certification for environmental and dynamic testing.

Environmental Testing at NTS Boxborough

NTS is the largest independent company for environmental/dynamics testing with facilities located worldwide. NTS Boxborough is a full-service environmental test facility capable of managing your environmental test programs in the commercial, military, defense, telecom and medical markets.

Our technicians and engineers are recognized experts in the performance of a wide array of environmental simulations including thermal, shock, seismic, hydraulics and vibration fixture design. Capabilities include 20 temperature chambers, six of which are walk-in temperature/humidity chambers. It has seven electro-dynamic shakers, ranging from 10,000 force-pounds up to our 40,000 force-pound Unholtz-Dickie T-4000. We also have three shock towers, including a 20 foot drop test tower platform and a 4′ by 4′ seismic table.

Extreme Environmental Testing Highlights

  • 32 temperature or temperature/humidity chambers from 2′ x 2′ x 2′ to six walk-in chambers as large as 8.5′ x 9/5′ x 12′
  • 8′ x 8′ x 10′ Temperature/altitude chamber up to 40,000ft
  • 4′ x 4′ x 4′ temperature altitude chamber up to 70,000 ft
  • Acoustic noise
  • Salt fog chambers
  • Wind driven rain up to 100 mph, icing/freezing rain
  • Fire resistance in our new building for NEBS and a 20′ x 20′ fire chamber
  • Explosive atmosphere
  • Settling dust chamber
  • Solar load test – heat load
  • HALT/HASS testing from -100°C to 200°C and up to 50Grms (5-5000Hz)
  • Hydraulics test such as endurance, impulse, burst and proof pressure, cracking and reseat pressure, high and low temperature (fluid and/or environment), leakage. Static pressures up to 30,000 psig, temperatures from minus 55°C to 135°C, and flows of 40 GPM can be achieved. Fuels, Phosphate Ester (Skydrol) and Hydrocarbon test stands are available.

Primary Specifications: MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 202, RTCA DO160, ISTA, ASTM, NEMA, GR 63-CORE, GR 487-CORE, GR 13-
CORE, UL 50, ETSI 300-019-xx, IEC 60068-2-xx

Hydraulics Testing and FAA Fire Testing

We offer custom test set-ups for both hydraulic and FAA fire testing. Whether it’s the reliable performance of a complex pneumatic system or the fire resistance of a new component for commercial airlines, we have the experience and facilities to carry out the tests you need in a timely manner.

We regularly conduct hydraulics testing to meet the standards and requirements of the following leading organizations:

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA)
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

Our FAA fire testing is often carried out to meet one or more of the following test specifications:

  • RTCA DO-160 Section 26
  • ISO 2685
  • FAA AC20-135
  • FAA Powerplant Engineering Report No. 3A
  • FAR Part 25

Dynamics Testing in Boxborough

Motorized systems, especially those intended for mass production like automobiles and airplanes, must adhere to strict operational requirements — even when subjected to various levels of vibrations, noises, pressures and other potentially disruptive forces. This is when dynamics testing including acoustic, drop, impact, thermal shock, vibration, corrosion and other forms of stress testing can give manufacturers the assurance that their products are ready for use.

Electro-Dynamic Shaker Systems

  • NEW! T2000-3-PB 3″ Stroke, 25,000 force lbs sine, 23,000 force lbs random, 67,000 force lbs shock, F2000 Field Power Supply and Heat Exchanger (2-bays), Series / Parallel stators for high SRS shock
  • T4000 1.75″ Stroke, 120″/Second, Velocity 40,000 force lbs.
  • T4000 1.0″ Stroke, 90″/Second, Velocity 28,000 force lbs.
  • T1000 (4 Systems) 1″ Stroke, 90″/Second, Velocity 19,000 force lbs.
  • V-895 2.5″ Stroke, 65″/Second, Velocity 13,000 force lbs.

Seismic Systems

  • 16 KIP 10″ Stroke, 40″/Second, 4′ Square Tables

Acceleration System

  • 40″ Arm, 100g’s

Static and Dynamic Loading

Primary Specifications: MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 202, MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-740, MIL-STD-167, RTCA DO160, ISTA, ASTM,
GR 63-CORE, ATIS, GR 487-CORE, GR 13-CORE, ETSI 300-019-xx, IEC 60068-2-xx

Engineering Services

Here at NTS Boxborough, our engineers have extensive knowledge of current test and conformity requirements, both domestic and international. We can assist you with product assessment, define the proper requirements for design, outline the test program and provide quality verification to achieve maximum customer acceptance and cost savings.

More Information

Click here to download the NTS Boxborough fact sheet for more details on specifications, tests, and capabilities. Contact us today to discuss your next program!

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