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NTS Chesapeake Testing Laboratory

Located in northeastern Maryland near Aberdeen Proving Ground, this state-of-the-art, 60,000-square-foot laboratory provides ballistic experimentation and non-destructive testing services in support of munitions and protection systems.

Fully Accredited Ballistic Testing

The NTS Chesapeake testing facility houses:

  • Climate controlled, indoor ballistic ranges
  • Forced entry testing suite
  • Mechanical testing lab
  • Environmental conditioning lab
  • X-ray/computed tomography scanning lab
  • Non-destructive testing lab
  • Outdoor range for small and large caliber munitions and blast testing


This facility is accredited by NVLAP and A2LA to ISO 17025 and is approved by the National Institute of Justice to perform personal body armor testing to NIJ Standard 0101.06 Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor and NIJ Standard 0115.00 Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor. The Chesapeake laboratory is also approved by the US Army Aberdeen Test Center to perform helmet, hard and soft armor testing.

Progressive XCT Scanning and Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Client partners across a number of industries trust NTS Chesapeake for advanced digital x-ray and computed tomography imaging services. Our engineers and analysts are exceptionally trained, dedicated specialists in high energy, micro-focus applications; producing timely, accurate results on even the most complex projects. We also provide Gun Barrel Mapping of small caliber gun barrels and tube assemblies using a sophisticated laser-based system. This next-gen inspection method takes mere minutes, yet provides far more valuable data than older techniques.

Intense, In-Depth Sports Testing

For the most extensive and advanced testing of personal safety equipment used by contact sport athletes, NTS’ client partners turn to our Chesapeake team. Sports Testing is offered to a number of standards, including NOCSAE, ASTM, DOT, ISO and more.

Multi-Protocol, Multipurpose Ammunition and Firearms Testing

Chesapeake provides ammunition testing to SAAMI, FBI, NATO and other protocols, including customized test planning. Testing methods include pressure and velocity measurement, proof, cook-off, less-than-lethal, projection characterization, performance evaluations, corrosive primer and primer sensitivity, as well as a variety of environmental simulations.

Firearms testing is conducted to various test standards and test methods and includes accuracy and dispersion, rate-of-fire, barrel erosion and life, weapon endurance, trigger pull, recoil, shock transmittance and proof testing, along with Firearm Safety Device (FSD) testing for boxes and locks.

Maximum Accuracy and Consistency: Environmental Simulation Testing

Our on-site capabilities include temperature and humidity, aging, altitude, thermal shock, fungus, salt fog, vibration and materials and chemical analysis. These digitally controlled systems can maximize accuracy and repeatability. And each system can be tailored to meet a multitude of testing standards and regulations, including the requirements of various NIJ, DOD and MIL standards.

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