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LAB Insight Help

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the NTS LabInsight. Click on any of the questions below to see the answer.

Q: How can I save a copy of the report I have on the Portal into my computer?

Q: I cannot save my PDF file in my computer?

Q: How many copies of a file can I download into my computer?

Q: How long are my reports going to be available at the web site for me to look at or download?

Q: I cannot access the web camera under “Live Witnessing”. What could the problem be?

Q: I cannot view files under the “Project Data” tab in LabInsight.

Q: How can I access reports that were posted the past year?

Q: How do I change my password to something more personal?

Q: I am getting the following error in LabInsight (after logging in): “Giving Up 🙁 Cannot create an XMLHTTP instance”

Q: What are the requirements to successfully use the Live Witnessing/Video feature of LabInsight?

Q: What are the LabInsight software requirements?

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