Dynamic DAQ

DynamicDAQTM is a proprietary software product based on National Instruments software and hardware.  The NTS developed software is capable of running on multiple hardware platforms depending on customer need.

NTS’s DynamicDAQ system can be a portable or integrated measurement system.  This systems is used to gather test data from Test Stands, Iron Birds and test laboratory configurations. Test data can be provided by pressure, temperature, displacement, strain, wind speed and other sensors.

DynamicDAQ Software can be used at any step on the Complexity Staircase. Bottom of staircase is 1 to 4 signals (thermocouple or accelerometer or other). A single module connected to a laptop. Top of staircase, e.g., “jet engine test stand with 5,000 mixed channels routed to several 19 inch racks”.

DynamicDAQ is a scalable measurement solution that provides standardized user interfaces, calibrated data sets and customized report formats for laboratory and aerospace factory applications.

Dynamic DAQ DynamicDAQ