NTS Chesapeake Testing

NTS Acquires Chesapeake Testing

We are pleased to announce that Chesapeake Testing, of Belcamp, Maryland, has joined the NTS network of test, inspection and certification laboratories. Click here to review the press release.

Jim Foulk, Founder and CEO Emeritus of Chesapeake and new Vice President of Ballistics Technology for NTS, commented, “Having known and respected NTS over the years as industry leaders and friendly competitors, we couldn’t be more pleased to be joining the NTS family. They have the resources and the vision to continue to grow Chesapeake in service of the countless men and women in the armed forces and law enforcement that our ballistic testing helps protect. ”

Chesapeake was founded in 2006 as a body armor testing lab operating two indoor firing ranges. Today, it is a fully accredited and internationally recognized state-of-the-art testing provider with approximately 60,000 square feet of laboratory space in Belcamp, Maryland, adjacent to Aberdeen Proving Ground, and serves customers in more than 15 countries. The facility boasts eight indoor firing ranges specializing in testing ballistic and armor protection systems and also offers a number of additional capabilities, including environmental conditioning, mechanical testing, forced-entry testing, and non-destructive X-ray and CT scanning

NTS Chesapeake

Chesapeake Testing

Chesapeake is NTS’ twenty-seventh laboratory worldwide and joins its Camden, AR and Wichita, KS laboratories in providing ballistic, ammunition, and firearm testing.