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When you work with NTS, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re collaborating with a testing partner who genuinely cares about your success. That’s why you’re getting one-to-one consultation, on-time test reports, and best-in-class queue times—all within an open communication framework.

As you already know, NTS is the most trusted testing company in the world—and customers like you continue to provide excellent feedback. As you begin to work with NTS, you’ll quickly enjoy working in a transparent and open environment that’s dedicated on one thing—your success. And that starts with creating a remarkable customer experience that goes above and beyond. After all, NTS holds itself to a higher standard.

We’re very happy to have worked with NTS on this project. The willingness of the staff to lend their expertise, their patience as we resolved issues, their willingness to provide information promptly and readily, as well as the quality of the facilities has made NTS our default choice for our EMI testing needs.

- Tim S., Hardware Engineer, Eventide Inc.

The NTS team consistently provides outstanding service and customer support. They are knowledgeable and professional, and always a pleasure to work with.

- Tim S., Technical Manager, CACI – LGS Labs

What I appreciate most about NTS is the people. In my most recent interactions with NTS I was very impressed with the responsiveness, professionalism and all around fantastic customer service provided by numerous members of the team.

- Thad J., NuSil

NTS gave a thorough report which was what I was looking for. It detailed every sample and was completed in a timely manner after the testing was performed.

- Ryan R., Mechanical Designer, Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp/SMS Canada Ltd

The NTS technical team is fully knowledgeable about a wide array of testing techniques. I know that my testing needs will be taken care of and my project will reach fulfillment, due in large part to the NTS team.

- Sally D., Ener-Sys, ABSL Space Products

The project had a very tight deadline and NTS was extremely helpful with a quick turnaround on the test reports ensuring we did not miss our deadline. The NTS team has always helped us out over the many years that we have used them for our testing needs.

- John M., Vertical Lift Aviation Critical Assembly Manufacturer

The NTS team is a well-oiled machine that got my HEATT units prepped, tested, reported in an extremely fast timeline. I also would like to mention that we were done in 8 business days when another EMI group quoted us 22 business days and more than three times the cost of NTS.

- Jonathan G., Sandia National Laboratories

The qualification and testing of hardware for human-rated space flight systems is unique and extensive; and is a critical step in delivering to NASA the safest and most reliable systems for human space exploration. At Lockheed Martin, NTS is identified as one of only a select few approved vendors to test the flight hardware our suppliers are making for the Orion program.

- Michelle B., Supplier Relations Manager for Civil Space Programs, Lockheed Martin

We’re excited to use NTS to ensure the integrity of our products in space. The TVAC chamber is key and using a trusted name like NTS with its multi-decade history in space testing provides assurance in the testing process.

- Sally D., Manufacturing and Test Manager, EnerSys

We’re excited to use NTS to ensure the integrity of our Electric Vehicle Charging Systems. The compressor-based Thermotron chambers deliver the needed ramp rates cost effectively and use a reliable method to achieve a temperature and humidity controlled test environment. Using a trusted name like NTS with its multi-decade history in environmental testing provides assurance in the testing process.

- Shaun Paysen, Senior Engineer, Automotive Charging Solutions and Battery Systems Manufacturer

The staff was very knowledgeable and clearly understood the information we were trying to attain with this project, and offered guidance in terms of which tests to run. The NTS team was very professional, and provided a thorough and well organized test report that has aided our company in making critical technical decisions that will impact several projects. Their support has been much appreciated.

- Matt S., Mechanical Engineer, Eagle Picher Technologies Inc.

NTS was great at working with us on schedule and on overcoming a technical issue with our support stands.

- Terry W., Norm H., Aerospace Contractors

Prompt response to e-mails with professional answers that helped us determine the best course of action with regards to board cleanliness testing.

- Jack Viegas, Electrical Engineer, Paragon Products LLC

I am sure we’ll continue with NTS every time we need test performance and we cannot in our location.

- Joaquin Diaz, Sr. Test Engineer, ZF Electronic Systems Juarez S.A. de C.

It’s really the ease of working with the NTS personnel and project management that makes the difference.

- Don C., Calculex Inc.

We’re excited to use NTS to ensure the integrity of our next generation satellites. This [electro-dynamic] shaker will test the survivability of our satellites during their journey to space. Using a trusted name like NTS with its multi-decade history in environmental and dynamics testing provides assurance in the testing process.

- Will H., Operations Manager, Astranis

Very flexible to accommodate our rather special requirements throughout the test process.

- Henry F., Hardware Engineer, Horiba Scientific

I appreciated the technical knowledge and correct performance of the EMI testing.

- William B., EMC Engineer, Global Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer

I appreciate how NTS and their technicians were able to work with me to complete my project, especially amid government lock-downs due to the pandemic. I was able to meet my daily deadlines and my overall project deadline, even though NTS appeared to be running on a skeleton crew to distance their employees and customers as much as possible (for everyone’s safety).

- Brent H., Mechanical Engineer, Advanced Power Conversion Technologies Provider

NTS is my “GO TO” when I need outside testing support.

- Ranny T., QA Manager, API Technologies

First, the personnel I worked with helped me to understand what needed to be done prior to the actual testing and how we should prepare our product samples. Second, the process of what would happen after the tests were explained. Third, we were given contact information for the third party that would receive the test results and NTS personnel explained generally how their (the third party) process typically worked. The testing, communication, and reports were helpful and timely.

- R.D. R, New Project Development Manager, Liberty Safe & Security Products

The experience and knowledge of the NTS Staff performing the testing is its best asset. Tests were performed professionally, and reported as so afterword. Testing status was communicated effectively, and the schedule was adhered to. Thanks!!!

- Joe S., Senior Project Engineer, Valcor Engineering Corporation

We get fast answers and the laboratory’s capacity is good as we never have to wait for test time, as we can see with some other laboratories.

- Per S, Manager, C.P.E. Production Oy

The service is highly appreciated and the NTS team is very accommodating in giving opinions on our projects testing. I’m happy doing business with the NTS team, and I will still continue doing business with you guys. Thank you.

- Elisa L, President, AHOLDTECH

The end results were better than we could have hoped for, and I look forward to a long-time partnership with NTS.

- Jim E, Global Director Innovation, Wilson Innovation

The customer support was excellent. All aspects were completed quickly and within the quote. The onsite staff went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. All timelines were met. We will be using NTS in the future for more testing.

- Stephanie C., CEO, Lane Light

It’s a pleasure dealing with such technically competent and respectful people.

- Steven C., NPI Senior Manager, Cochlear Limited

Very knowledgeable, professional, and flexible! Thanks!

- Dan R., Product Compliance Manager, Colgate-Palmolive Technology Center

The extra assistance from Paul (Scott) during setup and after the testing to assist with packing our equipment. The availability of the EMC Lab Manager (Jeff M.) to discuss test setups.

- Mark S., EMI Design and Testing Consultant, Gentinge

The flexibility, availability at short notice and professionalism of the staff make NTS a valuable partner for our ongoing business.

- Kevin K., TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

We loved the daily updates we received form the technician we worked with. We also loved the amount of detail that was put into the test set ups and that testing completed in time and receiving the report the next day!

- Karen L, ContiTech North America, Inc.

We at VectorNav Technologies consider NTS an asset to our company. The NTS staff is professional, knowledgeable and very supportive throughout the testing process. We highly recommended NTS services and look forward to working with them on future projects.

- Scott M, Process/Quality Engineer, VectorNav Technologies

Everything about my experience with NTS exceeded my expectations. As a first time Snubber Project manager, the help I received from Lance Phares in scheduling and organizing team size and composition was instrumental in the success of my project. The team I received from NTS for the project, as well as the equipment, was exceptional. All of my project team were extremely knowledgeable, hard working, and self motivated. They engaged me from day one with insightful questions regarding station procedures, project details and my expectations. They were professional and a great group of guys to work with! Bruce Bowman was my project lead and was the key cog in our machine. He jumped right in to the details of the project, took ownership and directed the crew, and could easily fill any of my roles should I be busy or away from the project. Frankly, I think next time he could probably run our project without me. Thanks again to NTS for level of quality that NTS provided us with all parts of the project.

- Stephen J, Senior Nuclear Engineering Specialist, First Energy

Kyle was very easy to work with and took the time to go over my demanding requests and needs to get our product tested in a timely manner. I sent our product and within a week we had results from NTS and felt very taken care of. The pricing was fair for what we needed to be done and we were provided plenty of paperwork and videos to provide back to our customers. I love this company and would recommend to anyone who needed testing done.

NTS Chesapeake

- Bella G, Office Manager at Rhino USA

Great staff; professional, knowledgable and friendly. The tests to be conducted were explained thoroughly. Very easy to deal with and getting a timely appointment was easy.

NTS Chesapeake

- Richard B, President of Cop Shield USA

Every person at NTS that we interacted with were focused on helping us succeed. Even with less than a 24-hr turn-around time, they delivered excellent service, helping us greatly with our requirement. Appreciate the level of customer service that is provided at NTS.

- Sri S, Staff Scientist of TE Connectivity

Kyle and Steve have been great to work with the past several weeks. We’ve been working on an urgent project with many samples being sent for immediate testing. Both have been getting us scheduled in expeditiously with timely results. NTS has been great to work with, even had time for conference calls with our CTO and presser. Thanks!

NTS Chesapeake

- Gene P, CEO of Amulet Ballistics Barriers

The recent shock and vibration tests conducted by NTS for CNGmotive is our third round of tests. We are a small company and NTS has been very attentive to our needs providing extra effort with fixturing and test set-up. When issues came up, the NTS team called me (I work from home) and we walked through the problems and developed fixes. In the future if additional lab tests are needed by CNGmotive, I would recommend NTS do the work.

- Thomas G, CNG Motive

Quick turn around on both projects that we submitted.

- Kim P, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc.

The technicians were knowledgeable and helpful during the setup and performance of the testing. During my gun fire vibration and shock testing the lab technician professionally handled my 200+ pound fixture and 120 pound test item allowing for easy operational testing during exposure. My report was professionally written, concise and delivered on time.

- Ted R, Test Engineer Manager, Breeze-Eastern

You guys are extremely efficient and very responsive. NTS answered a lot of questions, some even the UL rep could not answer.

- Thomas L, Commscope

The Technical and Engineering staff at NTS Fullerton demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism and competence.

NTS Fullerton

- Douglas E P, Supervisor of Test Engineering at Eaton Aerospace

John Ngo was able to accommodate us when our project testing date slipped. He was able to work around the existing customers. Scott Oates worked on our project. He has an excellent knowledge of EMC testing and was able to work longer hours to accommodate our tight schedule. Scott is able to multitask other assignments at the same time. He is an excellent asset to your facility. We will continue to use the Plano NTS facility due to the reasonable costs and quick testing response times. The other two test houses in Richardson and Lewisville do not come close to meeting NTS Plano’s great customer service. The friendly staff at NTS Plano makes the customer feel comfortable.

- Rod Baggott, Hewlett Packard Co.

I would like to use this opportunity to express my appreciation to all the people at NTS who provide services to CalsonicKansei North America, Inc. for about 5 years (if I recall correctly). I think that the first mechanical shock test on AOS Displays was performed by NTS in 2001. My contacts at NTS: Loren Isley, Jim Marterella, and Greg Busch, are always very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I have recommended NTS many times to my colleagues. I always tell them how Jim Marterella brought to us (in order to save our time) the mounting base used at NTS for our test after samples failed. We needed to evaluate the situation and come up with a solution — delivery of the mounting base was very helpful. I want to thank everybody at NTS for their support. Happy New Year to all. I am looking forward to doing more business with NTS in the future.

- Aron R, Sr. EMC Test Engineer at CalsonicKansei North America, Inc.

We at Ikonisys have been extremely pleased with the professionalism of the entire staff at NTS in Tinton Falls, NJ. During the certification process we were guided and supported by a team of highly trained and competent engineers. The rigorous testing performed, by highly experienced NTS Engineers, on the Ikoniscope gives us not only CE marking, but also a high level of confidence that our equipment truly meets the standards of compliance. I would also like to take a moment to praise the efforts of Mr. Thomas Borrelli, whose dedication, diligence, and attention to the details of certification were greatly appreciated. Tom’s professionalism and experience is a real asset to NTS. The whole experience has insured that NTS will be favored as the primary certifying agency for future Ikonisys products. Thank you for all your assistance and support.

- Rick Eberle, Manufacturing/Field Service Engineering Manager, Ikonisys

Last year, ITT decided to submit a proposal for a major radar system for one of our customers. In order to meet a demanding schedule, we quickly needed to form a high performance team of qualified engineers and managers. Most of these personnel were found within the various divisions of ITT. However, we were unable to fill the position of Reliability Analyst. We contacted NTS, and within a few days, the staff had located a qualified person, and he began work immediately. This person had extensive experience with performing Reliability and Maintainability analyses, and quickly became a key member of our proposal team.

In part due to his efforts, ITT was able to submit a high quality proposal that was very well received by our customer. I particularly appreciated the efforts of the NTS account manager who made sure that this individual was meeting our needs, and whether any other services or personnel were required. Previous interactions I have had with other agencies have not been as proactive as we experienced with NTS.

Often, in fact, we have no communications with an agency once a person has been placed. It was refreshing to know that NTS is as interested in and concerned with our success as we are. I would not hesitate to use NTS in the future should the need arise, and have already recommended NTS to others, both within ITT, and in other companies.

- Keith Payne, Systems Engineering Manager, Radar Division, ITT Electronic Systems

For the past several months, National Technical Systems has reviewed my staffing needs for real-time embedded software developers and technical proposal writers, and screened potential applicants to ensure they meet the job requirements. NTS has provided 20 resumes of qualified candidates and have reduced the time and effort that would have otherwise been required to identify these qualified candidates from the large number of resumes available from multiple sources. Of these 20 resumes, six candidates were selected for interviewing and two were hired- a much higher percentage than our recent experience with other search agencies.

One of these candidates was responsible for the content of three sections of a technical proposal requiring research into existing cutting-edge technology, and all of the sections he was involved with received a technically acceptable rating from our customer, with no deficiencies. The other candidate took over the software integration responsibilities from a member of the software staff, allowing that software engineer to concentrate his activities on another technical proposal, allowing both the on-time submittal of the technical proposal and the on-time completion of the software integration task.

NTS has demonstrated that they understand our staffing needs, and not wasted our time with candidates that are clearly unsuitable for our applications. They have struck the right balance between selecting appropriate candidates and rejecting inappropriate candidates. They have conducted themselves in a professional manner throughout with timely periodic, yet unobtrusive checking on my staffing needs. I highly recommend them.

- Edward Clarke, Software Manager, ITT Electronic Systems

NTS has provided Indus with both short and long term contract consultants for a number of projects throughout North America and Asia. These have included both functional and technical resources with expertise in Customer Information Systems and Enterprise Asset Management Systems. They have performed business needs analysis, data conversion, programming, testing, and other project tasks. Indus has found NTS to be an excellent source for specialized skills and for peak project requirements. This has enabled Indus to respond in a timely manner to its clients needs. NTS has always been extremely responsive and easy to work with. They are one of our top business partners.

- Tom Ward, Sr. Director, Functional Consulting, Indus

Konica Minolta Systems Laboratory has worked with NTS-XXCAL since 1998. During this time, we have had exceptional service from NTS. Their ability to locate and provide contracted agents for our different engineering, development and testing requirements has allowed us to complete many of our projects on schedule and within budget. NTS sent us qualified candidates. After each interview, the account manager called to ask our impressions of the candidates. After we hired the applicant, the account manager called to inquire if the contractor was meeting our expectations and if we were satisfied. We found that NTS listened to our needs and assisted us in finding qualified personnel. They performed a much better job of screening applicants and selecting qualified candidates for the positions we had open.

- Deni Caster, Director of Administration, Konica Minolta

They are the best lab for military/DO-160 based EMI/RFI testing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our main client, Cessna Aircraft in Wichita even makes the commute to use this place as a secondary facility to their on-site lab. I am fortunate to have local access to a test facility that is well versed as such and not mainly focused on FCC type testing.

- John Header, Heads Up Technologies

Entire company willing to get (the) job done.

- John Frazer, Boeing

I have used NTS for NEBS/ETSI testing on our products numerous times and have yet to be disappointed in the quality of service I have received. They have the technical expertise to setup our test equipment with minimal instruction and the turn-around on tests and final reports is always faster than expected. I would highly recommend NTS to anyone for their testing needs.

- Bill Sweitzer, World Wide Packets

One of our engineers had run into a major problem in his LV FPGA code which had persisted for a month and it was getting down to the wire. We consulted NI about the issue and after a dozen attempts to fix the issue, it seemed to make it worse. In desperation, I sent the code over to Brian Shea at NTS and within minutes of looking at the code he had discovered two issues that ultimately was the root cause of the fault. From FPGA to Real Time and regular OS, Brian outrivals most of the senior programmers I know. Thanks Brian

Disclaimer: Any opinion expressed is my own and not that of NASA, Caltech or JPL

- David Gooding, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Good afternoon, I am a buyer for GKN Chemtronics in El Cajon, CA, I handle all the Outside Processing of parts, I would like to commend and relay to you my appreciation to Heidi Johnson for all her support, she has done everything requested of her by Chemtronics to help us meet our commit dates to our customers and I know without her help, coordination with other processing housing and diligence Chemtronics would and the FA22 Program would be in jeopardy, she consistently accommodates our aggressive expedited schedules, it is truly a joy to do business with her and her efforts are greatly appreciated by all, thanks Heidi….

- Mark L. Michael, GKN Chemtronics

NTS Plano, Texas has always been very helpful in all of my testing. Every time I have had any concerns or question the NTS Plano team is always more than willing to help. John Chambers and Forest Boyd in particular, are the most helpful, considerate and knowledgeable individuals I have ever met. I always look forward to working with them.

- John Bain, Enviro Systems

I want to make sure that you guys know how much I (and the entire staff here) appreciates having Heidi working both for us and with us ……..We tend to be a very “high maintenance” customer with lots of needs, wants and questions.  She has always come through for us in all circumstances.  I hope you commend & reward her for her great customer service standards and keep her for a good long time, to make my life easier. Thanks again…….

- Michelle Colantuone, Smiths Tubular Systems, Laconia

We were very pleased with your company’s service.  NTS was very accommodating in meeting our schedule requirements.  Your test personnel were very responsive to our needs and were quick to complete and forward to us the final report.  Based on your company’s excellent performance, I have been directed to forward requirement information to you for quote on additional work. I will be in touch.  Thank you again.

- Ken Munroe, L-3 Communications

This type of testing is long hours and a lot of waiting for us to arrive at temps. The whole Tinton Falls team made us feel welcome and went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed and made us feel right at home. They had to create a special setup for us and it was very impressive. I travel a lot and you don’t very often get this type of courtesy extended to you.

- Jill Slater, Orbital Sciences Corp

I wish all suppliers could be as efficient as NTS.

- Lynn Johnson, Armtec Defense Products

The Coefficient of Thermal Expansion testing we had NTS perform for us was a great test. We were really happy with the results.

- Uzi Garcia, Manufacturing Engineer, Meggitt

Just a note of thanks to you and the team at NTS for the work that was performed by NTS labs. The work performed was to high standards and the team went the extra mile.

- David Crawley, Southern Company

Quick turnaround on steam age tests.

- Jeffrey Nelson, Micom Corporation

For the past eight years I have been using NTS for all our outside testing. Without a doubt NTS has been the best choice to meet our stringent criteria for all our testing needs. Regardless of the requirements we have, whether with vibration, mechanical shock, pyro shock, EMI, high vacuum, or specialized environmental testing; NTS has always been the correct choice.

The staff at NTS has always been friendly and professional, willing to accommodate the needs of their customers. Their technical aptitude is second to none in all areas of testing requirements that I have had. Always courteous, willing to help and knowledgeable within their specific field of testing, all my experiences interacting with the staff at NTS has been productive and pleasurable. With each test I have had NTS perform; the timely response with their reports is quite remarkable. Knowing that I can assure my customer that all their data requirements will be satisfied only makes my job easier. The reports generated by NTS are always, complete and professional.

I would highly recommend NTS to all companies who find the need to perform testing outside of their own capacity, and want the confidence that the test will be performed right the first time and every time. NTS truly is World Class when it comes to performing specialized testing.

- Ruben Gonzalez, Dow-Key Microwave

Thank you for your quick response. You guys are the best!

- Steve Nauman, L-3 Communications

Ingress Protection test completed fast and great documentation. Real time updates via email. Report was to me with in one day of completion of test.

- Tim Novak, Compx

I have been using your services for the better part of 20 years now, and would not go anywhere else for tests covered by NTS’ Scope of capabilities; your work is impeccable.

- Pauline McNaught, maxon precision motors, inc.

I know I am not your biggest customer. However you always make me feel like I am. You have never missed a promise date.

- William Hosie, Det-Tronics

Thanks so much for this excellent work. This has been exceptional dedication and wanted to say thank you for working over Christmas to ensure this went successfully.

- Mark Lessmueller, Composites USA

Feedback and replies are on time. Detailed explanations are given if there is any inquiry.

- Pravina Ashok, Harvik

Very client oriented and very good communication on RFQ’s and getting ready for an actual test. Also, no problems trying to accommodate me when something comes up suddenly that needs an outside lab to conduct the test. I like that. “I deal mostly with getting testing quoted and preparing the test samples to go out. I converse with NTS individuals who prepare the quotes to make sure all requirements of our tests are covered and also with the test engineer if required. Not so much on the accounting end. I just make sure we have a purchase order for the testing.

- William Hunter, Parker Hannifin Corporation

Thanks so much to the team at NTS for the speedy reply.

- Todd Robinson, Multek

I can truly say that we have always been happy with Trace Labs/NTS Baltimore standard of service and communication. It is a pleasure to work with you!

- Geraldine Roskothen, Lackwerke Peters

Thanks so much to your whole team whom was able to get this order through quicker than planned. It is much appreciated by Minco.

- MaryJo Mertes, Minco

I am very happy with NTS Trace (Baltimore) labs staff. They are very responsive and easy to work with. They understand our needs.

- Bonnie Richter, DSM

Thanks for the help as usual. We come to you guys first when we can.

- Don Herr, R&D Group Leader, Adhesives Research, Inc.

We just received the report. Your team does very good work, and the report is always impressive.

- Chris Perry, Epec Engineered Technologies

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