It All Started with Breaking a Few Windows …

NTS was founded in 1961 by engineers Jack Lin and Aaron Cohen. Some of the first tests they conducted involved breaking windows and detecting leaks with helium. The success of these early tests allowed NTS to continuously expand its offerings.

Now, We Just Open Windows

Today, we serve the world’s most performance-critical industries; striving to maintain the vibrant culture instilled by our founders. We believe in cultivating opportunity and growth through constant innovation and dedication to our customers. Each day is a chance to build upon our successful history and leave a legacy for future generations not only within this company, but in the dynamic technological communities that makes the worlds greatest products.

1961 - Approved Engineering Test Laboratories is Founded

Aaron Cohen and Jack Lin co-founded Approved Engineering Test Laboratories (AETL) to provide high technology testing services to a variety of industries

1975 - Renamed NTS

NTS went public and was renamed National Technical Systems. The Fullerton, CA location was established through the purchase of Ogden Technology Laboratories.

1982 - East Coast Expansion

NTS acquired Acton Laboratories in Acton, MA establishing its first East coast facility.

1988 - Detroit Lab adds Automotive Testing

Acquisition of an automotive testing laboratory in Detroit, MI expands the scope of end-markets tested.

1991 - 1999 - Significant Expansions

NTS significantly expands operations by opening or acquiring facilities in Camden, AR, Boxborough, MA, Tempe, AZ, Culver City, CA, Tinton Falls, NJ, and Plano, TX. In 1998, NTS launched business plan strategy for building dominant position in EMI, EMC, HIRF Lightning and NEBS telecommunications testing.

1991 - Quality Managemen System Certifications Added

Though a joint-venture partnership, NTS begins offering Quality Management System Certification, ISO 9001 and other standards, with National Quality Assurance (NQA), headquartered in Acton, MA.

2004 - Dynamic Testing adds Navy Services

With addition of DTI, NTS adds a truly unique facility in Rustburg, VA. This facility includes a 36-acre quarry for performing MIL-DTL-901E Heavyweight Shock Testing. The quarry is 1,800 feet long, 250 feet wide, up to 130 feet deep and serviced by a 75-ton stiff-legged derrick.

2008 - Silicon Valley Expansion

NTS completed its acquisition of Elliott Laboratories Inc., a San Francisco Bay-area electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), product safety and wireless regulatory testing laboratory with two full-service facilities.

2009 - Expansion into Supply Chain Services

NTS Unitek is a leading provider of supply chain management services headquartered in Centreville, VA, close to Washington, DC. Founded in 1973, Unitek provides supplier management, development, source inspections and related technical services to corporations worldwide. Unitek's client list includes a distinguished list of tier one aerospace and defense suppliers to the federal government and commercial customers.

2011 - Lightning Technologies Adds Signifiant Services

In business since 1977 and located in Pittsfield, MA, LTI is internationally recognized as a leading engineering services and testing laboratory specializing in the field of lightning protection. LTI's customer base, capabilities and service offerings are concentrated in the aerospace, construction and wind power generation markets, which will expand NTS' commercial aerospace business and strengthen the Company's non-defense industry businesses.

2013 - NTS acquired by Aurora Capital

NTS was acquired by Los Angeles Based Aurora Capital Group, giving NTS the capital to continue to expand the services available to its clients.

2014 - Wyle Laboratories joins NTS

NTS acquires the testing divisions of Wyle Laboratories. This acquisition, the largest in company history, gave NTS three new facilities in Huntsville, AL, San Bernardino and El Segundo, CA.

2015 - NTS expands into Materials Testing

Trace Laboratories, an internationally accredited, full-service testing laboratory, has approximately 45,000 square feet of testing facilities in Palatine, IL, a suburb of Chicago, and Hunt Valley, MD, a suburb of Baltimore. The acquisition of the Palatine facility, which will become NTS Chicago, further strengthens NTS’ leading and sole nationwide network of environmental simulation testing capabilities, including dynamics, climatic, EMI/EMC, lightning, product safety, mechanical, and fluids testing.

2015 - NTS Acquires NQA Global

With more than 32,000 active certifications in over 75 countries, NQA provides its broad base of customers with a single certification resource for management system registration as well as process and product compliance services and support.  NTS was formerly NQA’s certification partner in the United States, having been joint venture partners in the U.S. since 1992. The acquisition creates a unified global certification organization with continental headquarters in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China and local offices in over 20 countries around the world.

2015 - NTS adds Microtek Laboratories

The addition of the Microtek location in Anaheim, CA enables NTS to service mechanical and electrical testing customers on both coasts. Microtek Labs, established in 1986, is an internationally accredited, full-service testing laboratory servicing the materials, mechanical, and printed circuit board industry and operating from facilities in Anaheim, California and Linthicum Heights, Maryland.

2015 - NTS expands into the Rocky Mountain Region with Longmont CO Lab

Founded in 1994, EMI Integrity adds a 17,000 square foot, state-of-the-art emissions and immunity testing facility centrally located between Denver, Boulder, and Ft. Collins, CO. NTS Longmont is the twelfth NTS laboratory offering EMI / EMC emissions, immunity, and mitigation testing services in the United States and adds an important geographic location that further supports NTS’ nationwide coverage. Additionally, as a CB Testing Laboratory (“CBTL”), NTS Longmont allows NTS to expand the services it currently offers to the medical device market.

2015 - Qualtest of Orlando FL joins NTS

Qualtest was established in 1986 and is an internationally accredited, full-service testing provider with two testing facilities in the greater-Orlando area. The environmental facility offers an expansive selection of tests including environmental, climatic, dynamic, hydraulic and pneumatic testing. The second facility specializes in EMI / EMC testing.

2016 - Colorado Services Expand to Include Dynamics and Environmental

Test assets of an internal laboratory local to the EMI facility in Longmont, CO are added. The new facility will be known as NTS Longmont West and is located eight miles from the existing NTS Longmont EMC laboratory (formerly EMC Integrity). Combined, these two facilities uniquely fulfill the regions need for a single resource for both environmental/dynamics and EMC/EMI testing.

2016 - Chesapeaeke Testing joins NTS

Chesapeake was founded in 2006 as a body armor testing lab operating two indoor firing ranges. Today, it is a fully accredited and internationally recognized state-of-the-art testing provider with approximately 60,000 square feet of laboratory space in Belcamp, Maryland, adjacent to Aberdeen Proving Ground, and customers in more than 15 countries. The facility boasts eight indoor firing ranges specializing in testing ballistic and armor protection systems and also offers a number of additional capabilities, including environmental conditioning, mechanical testing, forced-entry testing, and non-destructive X-ray and CT scanning.

2017 - NTS Expands into Canada with Montreal Laboratories

NTS acquired Fiarex of Chambly, Quebec and CEM of Boucherville, Quebec. Fiarex specializes in dynamic and environmental testing, while CEM specializes in electromagnetic compatibility and interference testing (EMC and EMI).  Both companies serve a number of market leading customers in the aerospace, defense, automotive, rail, consumer, and other industries. The Chambly facility offers dynamic and other mechanical testing as well as a number of environmental tests, including ingress protection testing and reliability services, such as HALT. The Boucherville lab provides emissions and immunity testing to FCC, EN, IEC and RTCA-DO160 standards, and both facilities are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

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