The History of NTS

National Technical Systems started in 1961 with two engineers, Jack Lin and Aaron Cohen. They started the company by breaking windows and checking for leaks with helium. These early NTS tests led into the emergence of comprehensive engineering and testing laboratories with focus on Aerospace, Nuclear, Defense, and Commercial hardware.

Answering special demands, NTS began outsourcing engineers in the 1980's for work on solid booster technology at Thiokol. In 1990, Technical Resources became an instant division with the acquisition of S&W Technical Services, a company specializing in nuclear power plant support. Already well established as one of the premier nuclear testing labs, NTS recognized this synergy and took it one step further by expanding its staffing capabilities into all the industries it knew so well: aerospace, telecommunications, defense, automotive and, slowly, into a new area, information technology.

Acquisition Timeline

  • 1998 NTS completed its merger and acquisition with XXCAL. The acquisition of XXCAL allowed NTS to support its high-tech companies providing staff and project management.
  • 1999 The company acquired Reintexas Laboratories, a Plano, Texas Facility. The operation performed NEBS 1089 compliance testing for the Telecommunication industry. This lab has since added many capabilities to support our other industries such as aerospace and defense.
  • 2002 The company acquired the U.S. assets and business of the Information Technology Staffing division of TRS Staffing Solutions, a New Hampshire corporation.
  • 2004 NTS made two acquisitions. The first was Dynamic Testing (DTI) in Rustburg, VA specializing in underwater shock and vibration tests for mission critical equipment installed on U.S Navy Combatants. In August of 2004 the company completed the acquisition of a telecommunication test laboratory in Calgary, Canada. The lab has both 3 meter and 10 meter ambient free chambers with state of the art test equipment and customized measurement systems.
  • 2005 NTS acquired Phase Seven, located in Santa Rosa, CA. NTS Santa Rosa is a one of a kind, state of the art facility that provides carrier-class network interoperability, functionality and performance testing for new and emerging technologies and their integration to legacy systems in the telecom market.
  • 2006 NTS acquired B and B Technologies, located in Albuquerque, NM, a provider of systems integration and a National Instruments Select Alliance Partner
  • 2007 The company acquired United States Test Laboratory (USTL) of Wichita, KS a premier provider of body armor and hand gun safety testing
  • 2008 In April NTS acquired Elliott Laboratories, the premier EMI and EMC testing provider in California's Silicon Valley
  • 2011 In June, NTS acquired Ingenium Testing of Rockford, Illinois and in September, Lightning Technologies, Inc. in Pittsfield, MA.
  • 2013 NTS is acquired by Los Angeles, CA based Aurora Capital Group and receives funding for an expansion of services available to clients
  • 2014 NTS completes the largest acquisition in the company's history, the testing divisions of Wyle Laboratories. The company gains new facilities in Huntsville, AL, San Bernardino, CA and El Segundo, CA
  • 2015 Five major acquisitions further position NTS as a brand leader in testing, inspection and certification. Trace Laboratories in February, National Quality Assurance in March, Qualtest, Inc. in August, Microtek Laboratories in November, and EMC Integrity in December.
  • 2016 NTS has acquired Chesapeake Testing, a Belcamp, Maryland based ballistics and body armor testing facility.
  • 2017 NTS acquires environmental and mechanical facility Fiarex Laboratories and EMI/EMC facility CEM Laboratory in Quebec, Canada.

Today, the NTS management team strives to maintain the rich culture and tradition of growth through excellence our founders instilled, adding to our vibrant and successful history and leaving a legacy for future generations.