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Q & A: LabInsight

Labinsight LogoWhat is LabInsight?

LabInsight is a sophisticated, yet easy to use, online customer information portal, complete with behind the scenes support and full Internet and ITAR security.

With NTS LabInsight, NTS’ customers can access project documents, project data and reports real-time, anytime. LabInsight also allows you to remotely witness your test real-time.

Where do I find the website?

There are 2 ways to access LabInsight. One way, is to go to www.nts.com and use the login entry fields on the top right hand corner of the page to log into LabInsight. The second way is to go directly to: https://www.nts.com/labinsight

If you do not have a LabInsight account you can register at:  https://www.nts.com/labinsight_register

How do I get my password?

NTS will send you an automated email with the new account information. If you did not receive this email, please contact the NTS Helpdesk at: helpdesk@nts.com for assistance.

If you already have an account but do not remember your password,  go to: https://www.nts.com/labinsight_forgot_password to reset your password.

If you do not know if you have an account or, if you have any issues while resetting your password, please contact the NTS Helpdesk at: helpdesk@nts.com for assistance.

How long will my documents be archived?

NTS Policy for archived documents is 12 months. If something that you need is no longer available, please contact your project manager to have the document(s) republished to you in LabInsight.

DSCN3642When will I know that I have data on the portal? 

You will receive an automated email alerting you that there is new data available for download in LabInsight.

Can my coworkers view the same project data that I see?

Your coworkers can only view the same data you see IF they are part of the same project you are. If anyone else needs access to the project, please contact your NTS Project Manager so the user(s) can be added to the project.

Can I upload my own documents to the LabInsight portal?

Yes, you can. Go to the “Documents” tab inside a project and you will see a tool to upload your file(s) within the page. The project participants will be automatically notified that a new file(s) is available for download.

What other services are available through the web portal?

LabInsight not only lets you access and download project data and reports, it also has the capability to do remote witnessing via secure video (web cameras) located inside the NTS facilities. You can save travel time and money by requesting this feature from NTS.

What if I am experiencing difficulty with Labinsight? 

If you are experiencing any issues with LabInsight, please contact the NTS Helpdesk at: helpdesk@nts.com for assistance.

What additional features are anticipated for LabInsight in the future?

NTS is currently planning some major enhancements for LabInsight.

Your feedback is very important to us and it is a great time to share your ideas with us. Please contact us at helpdesk@nts.com

LabInsight was conceptualized, built, and currently maintained by CABEM Technologies (www.cabem.com). LabInsight is powered by Livia, CABEM’s web-based platform which is great fit for small to large businesses and organizations in need of cost effective, custom solutions. Learn more about Livia: http://www.cabem.com/products/livia_platform


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