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Plano, Texas

1701 E. Plano Parkway Suite 150, Plano, TX 75074
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NTS Plano has compliance testing facilities equipped with the latest test tools. The laboratory is staffed by test engineers with years of experience and the most up-to-date training in wireless and wired telecom technologies. Additionally, our expert staff has practical experience in both domestic and international approvals. The combination of experience and high-end test systems gives NTS Plano the ability to assist your company in bringing telecom products to market with speed and efficiency.

EMC/EMI/ESD Testing Services

The NTS Plano facility is part of NTS's vast network of EMI/EMC test laboratories that are located all across the country.

NTS Plano provides a variety of EMC/EMI/ESD services to a multitude of industries. Our expertise lies heavily on testing to military, aerospace, telecommunications, and other industry specifications including:

  • Military and aerospace capabilities include 200V/m to 40GHz, as well as indirect effects lightning.
  • NTS certifies telecommunications products to network equipment building systems requirements (NEBS) as well as international standards.

Testing Chambers

  • Seven shielded chambers

- Four are semi-anechoic

- Two are three-meter FCC listed chambers

  • Ten meter open area test sites
  • EMI Semi-anechoic Chamber

- 61'x36'x24'

- Lift and exhaust vent

- 14,000lbs of floor loading capabilities


Facility Highlights

  • Temperature / humidity chambers up to 18'x12'x12'
  • Temperature / altitude, acoustic noise, salt fog, fire resistance, explosive
  • Sand / dust, solar load, HALT / HASS, and T-Shock
  • EMI / EMC / ESD - Radiated Susceptibility
  • Lightning - multiple stroke, burst and indirect effects
  • Semi-anechoic shielded chambers
  • Electrodynamic shaker systems
  • Seismic system and testing
  • Static and dynamic load, acceleration up to 180 RPM
  • Vibration, shock and custom fabrication fixtures


  • WiFi, RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Cellular regulatory requirements:

- Radio Frequency emissions
- FCC and IC Wireless TCB
- EU R&TTE Wireless Notified Body


  • Provides CE Mark Services
  • Works with witnessing NRTL Agencies
  • Manages CB Scheme Programs


Environmental and Dynamic Testing Services

NTS Plano is also a full service environmental test facility capable of managing your environmental test programs, both commercial and military. Our technicians and engineers are recognized experts in the performance of a wide array of environmental simulations including:

  • Thermal, shock, seismic, vibration and more
  • Capabilities include more than 20 different chamber, shaker, and drop tower test platforms
  • Performance testing and test specimen fixtures are also available.

Wireless Services

Wireless services include Radio requirements, testing and certifications for North America via our in house TCB and for the European Union we can issue Notified Body Opinions specific to the R&TTE Directive.

Product Safety

We also provide a wide range of Product Safety testing approvals and services for manufacturers seeking CE certifications, CB reports and listings with UL, TuV and CSA.